ESD - Electrostatic Dissipative Matting   Work Surfaces Floor Matting Specialty
Small charges of static electricity can easily destroy microprocessors, microchips and other electronics. People and products must be in a static controlled environment when manufacturing and servicing electronic components and equipment. Every surface that comes into contact with a static sensitive component must be able to discharge static at a certain rate of speed. Too fast, it may cause shocks to the operator or cause an explosion. Too slow, it may destroy the component.

Emboss Patterns:

Kid Grain (not pictured)


size chart (jpeg)

InterStat® table matting utilizes a proprietary 3 layer construction consisting of a conductive metalized fleece sandwiched between a solid vinyl top surface and a foam bottom layer. InterStat® will perform equal or better than the industry an affordable price.

Colors: Blue, Gray
Emboss: Kid Grain (not pictured)

HR CompoStat®
HR Mat is the ultimate in static dissipative, flexible work surfaces. Solid vinyl, homogeneous construction with a buried non-carbon conductive layer gives HR Mat its superior physical and consistent electrical qualities. HR Mat has virtually no voltage suppression.

Colors: Blue, Gray, Brown
Emboss: Kid Grain (not pictured)

CompoStat® Homogenous Matting
Compostat® work surface mats are designed to provide a static safe work surface where ESD control is required. As a homogeneous polymer mix, you are always protected by a consistent, controlled static drain, with unsurpassed physical properties.

Colors: Blue, Gray
Emboss: Kid Grain (not pictured)